KILL CANCER & the cell it rode in on

A lot has happened since we’ve been away…
I will start with the good news:
We are in the process of introducing a new design line.
And now the bad news…
june 09 2017
Our new designs line was inspired by a diagnosis of cancer.
Our new line is:
– Killing that tumor with humor-
Through Stage4Products
we will be sharing our inspiration, 
humor, sarcasm, battle cries, and more 
as we fight our way through
and WIN this battle.
Read on to learn more of how Stage4Products came to be…
Stage4Products was born the day Jeff was diagnosed
with advanced stage, inoperable cancer
We had no idea he was sick. He thought he had a broken rib. When we learned we were shocked. Speechless.
As soon as the doc and nurse left the room, Jeff looked at me and declared, “I’m going outside for a smoke.” After a dramatic pause, and with a smirk on his face, he followed up with,
“What’s it going to do? Give me a tumor?”
We know right then and there that this still unknown diagnosis had just thrust us aboard the gallows-humor-train and that his snarky tumor remark would be an instant classic.
Many more sick jokes and ideas (see what I did there?) flowed that day and in the days following as we moved through the initial shock of it all.
Soon, Jeff teased that we should create a new line of macabre designs for our store based on our cancer diagnosis experience and call it “Stage IV Productions” because, well, cancer happened.
Sarcasm, irony and dark humor have helped us move through this diagnosis. We want to share that inspiration and comic relief with you, too. Through Stage4Products, we will be sharing our inspiration, humor, sarcasm, battle cries, and more as we fight our way through and WIN this battle
Now that you have read our story, go to our shop at and take a look around at our updates and new designs.
Our shop is how we pay our bills, and cancer is not cheap, so please remember to like, comment, pin, tweet, and share in whatever way you are most comfortable. We need all the love we can get…
We appreciate your kind words and positive thoughts and prayers.
Thank you all for being so kind to us!
With LOTS of love,
Kathryn & Jeff
Stage4Products – Killing that tumor with humor.

The Family That Reads Together…

The Family That Reads Together...

Important Update Regarding Jeff’s Health

jeff and kathryn pic copyMost of you already know how much we love what we do at Shop Just Wish. Keeping our many customers in the US and around the world has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives.

Very recently we learned that Jeff has an advanced stage of cancer and it is all we can do to keep up with our current orders. In addition to managing our busy Etsy Shop, the doctor visits, appointments and scheduled medical treatments have taken a toll on our entire family and our finances.

We are NOT going to close our Shop. We absolutely love making our items for you! The beautiful stories surrounding all the life events and happenings that led you to us have always brought us great joy and happiness. When we look back at these precious moments you’ve shared, we know that we have contributed something special in your lives and that means the world to us.

It is difficult to express in words how much all of you, from every corner of the world, mean to us.

As we work through Jeff’s situation, we will be making some changes that will allow us to keep the Shop open while still attending to his important needs. Our “ready-to-ship” items will be clearly marked and identified in our listings … these will be shipped in the time frames indicated as always and there will be no changes for these items.

Our custom and “made to order” items will all be designated as shipping in 6 to 8 weeks. It is possible that we might ship earlier than this, but keeping these items in a time frame we know we can meet is the best possible course for us right now as we work through this difficult time. Please be patient with us as we make the changes to our shop listings.

We have always believed that honesty and truth in our products and every aspect of the process from creation to delivery is the standard by which we will operate. That is exactly why we are sharing this important information with you, our wonderful customers, and asking for your patience and understanding. Your satisfaction is and will remain the most important part of our business.

We will share updates as we learn more and have time to post. Many posts will be from our phone, please forgive us if it is in short hand. Also, if it trails off, it just means that we fell asleep while posting (Yes, it happens around here lately.) and we will edit when we are alert again. 🙂

Kathryn’s sister, who lives out of state, wanted to help. She created a meal train so she could easily have meals delivered to our home and so others could easily help our family. She included a donation button for those who wish to help financially. We have shared the link below. PLEASE DO NOT feel obligated, only share if you feel inspired to do so. HOWEVER, we always want your positive thoughts and prayers during this time!

As always, please contact us directly with any questions or concerns and we’ll respond directly to you. Thank you for your continued patronage and understanding, and we look forward to many more years of providing the best possible products to enhance your lives.

Shalom, and may God bless you on your own journeys always.

Kathryn and Jeff

Owners, Just Wish LLC